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Logic Design Lab

Logic Design Lab


Objective of this laboratory is to help students to understand digital logic at the gate and switch level including both combinational and sequential logic elements, to understand the clocking methodologies necessary to manage the flow of information and preservation of circuit state. An appreciation for the specification methods used in designing digital logic and the basics of the compilation process that transforms these specifications into logic networks.


KL-210 EDUCATION SET KL-210 is ideal for electrical & electronics engineering learning. All necessary equipments for electric circuit experiments such as power supply, function generator, analog and digital meters are installed on the main unit for the requirement of experiment. The whole essential important topics of electrical circuit learning are studied by different modules.

Ideal for students to learn the design of electrical, electronics and digital logic circuits.

To learn efficiently, power supply, function generator and measurement unit are all included.
All supply units are secured with overload protection.
With one main unit, user can choose the needed modules for different learning topics.


Fixed DC power supply :
Voltage range :+/-5V,+/-12V
Max. current output :0.3A
With output over-load protection
Dual DC power supply :
Voltage rang e :+/-3V~ +/-18V, adjustable
Max. current output :1A
With output over-load protection


Voltage range :9V~0V~9V
Max. current output :500 m A
With output over-load protection


  • Pulse generator :(TTL level)
  • Frequency range :1Hz~10KHz / 4 settings, continuously adjustable
  • Fan out :10 TTL load
  • Pulse switches :
  • 2 independent output, TTL level
  • With Q, Q output,pulse width > 5ms
  • Fan out :10 TTL load
  • Data switches
  • 8 sets independent control output,TTL level with De-bounce circuit.
  • Fan out :10 TTL load



Output waveform :Sine,triangle, square
Output frequency :10~100KHz/4 settings, continuously adjustable
Output amplitude :18Vpp (open circuit) 9Vpp (50 O load)


  • Basic logic gates
  • Measuring gate characteristics
  • Combinational logic circuits
  • Half and full adder circuits
  • Decoder circuits
  • Multiplexer circuits
  • Demultiplexer circuits
  • Flip-flops
  • Counters
  • Moving LED control
  • Traffic light control