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Career After Graduation

Career After Graduation

In the global industry, there is a strong demand for Electrical and Electronics Engineers particularly those who combine technical skills with good communication skills and team-work ability. Some but not all of the job opportunities can be summarized as follows:

  • Working as lecturers or researchers for universities or research centers,
  • Research, design, develop, test, and oversee the manufacture and installation of computer hardware, including computer chips, circuit boards, computer systems, and related equipment.
  • Design, develop, test, and supervise the manufacture of electrical equipment including electric motors; machinery controls, lighting, and wiring in buildings; automobiles; aircraft; radar and navigation systems; and power generation, control, and transmission devices used by electric utilities
  • Responsible for a wide range of technologies, from portable music players to the global positioning system (GPS), which can continuously provide the location
  • Design, develop, test, and supervise the manufacture of electronic equipment such as broadcast and communications systems.
  • Developing devices and procedures that solve medical and health-related problems by combining their knowledge of biology and medicine with engineering principles and practices.

 List of companies working in electrical or electronics engineering area in Bosnia and Herzegovina:





Electric power, hydro civil construction and architecture, automation thermal power and process plants and communication technologies


Electric power transmission




Design, production, installation and assembling of power distribution equipment, devices and power plants


Production of electric distribution equipment

Iskraemeco Sarajevo d.o.o.

Power Measurement and Control

Production of electric distribution equipment

ETI Sarajevo d.o.o.

Production of electric distribution equipment


Design, manufacture, construction and installation of transmission lines, underground cable lines and telecommunications projects.


Electrical power systems and communications: designing, equipment delivery, installing, testing and maintenance of electric power facilities and telecommunication lines.

BH Telecom





Design and construction of power and hydro power plants


Design and construction of solar plants

Code-systems d.o.o.

Automation of industrial processes


Industrial automation, production of electric distribution equipment, production of medical devices, Electronics

TETA d.o.o

Telecommunications, Digital wireless radio network, wireless data transmission, radio communication


Production of electric distribution equipment, Automation, Renewable energy engineering

Electra d.o.o.

Power engineering, automation


Installation and maintenance of hydro systems




electric, mechanic, hydraulic, engeeniering, assembly, commisioning, maintenance in metal, mining, cement, chemical, food, power plant, power supply industry

PROing d.o.o

Fire-fighting protection

Natron Hayat d.o.o


Integral Elektrod.o.o

Design, inspection and testing of electrical systems

BS Telecom Solutions

Telecommunication and information systems

EnergoBos ILJIN, Sarajevo

manufacturer of HV equipment and spare parts


Power and automation technologies

New-Technology d.o.o.

Biomedical and medical engineering, instrumentation and measurements

Energoinvest SUE d.d. Sarajevo 

Power Control Systems, implementation and maintenance of power electronics devices

Schneider Electric            

Industrial automation

STEP d.d.            

 Signaling and telecommunication systems (SS and TKP), contact network and power facilities (KM and EEP)

Hager d.o.o.      

Distribution of electrical energy, metering systems, electrical installations, connection systems

GENE – General Engineering Ltd.              

Power engineering


Power systems
ISO B&H  Power systems
FERK Power systems


Engineering, designing and implementation of all kinds of machine and electrical installation as well as the plumbing and sewage system, civil engineering and natural gas installations.

ER Project          

System integration, design, wholesale of electrical equipment

UNIS Energetika              

Production and distribution of thermal energy

MIBO Komunikacije d.o.o.           

Networking and communications


Design, engineering and consulting

Klaus Lehmann  

High quality services and goods in the field of electronics and electrical engineering

CET Energy        

 Control systems in power facilities, SCADA centers, telecommunication systems and various IoT systems

KB Consulting    


EVOMECS GmbH             


Arcelor Mittal    

Steel production



Hifa Oil d.o.o.   

Distribution of petroleum products

Sicon Sas             

Installation and servicing of uninterruptible power systems

MICOM BH d.o.o.            

Measuring instruments

INSTRUMENTS Ltd. Sarajevo      

Automation and measurements in technological processes

Eko energetika Sarajevo              

Renewable energy and energy efficiency

CETEOR Sarajevo             


RT-RK LLC Banja Luka     



Unigradnja d.d 

Design, construction, reconstruction and adaptation of public, residential, business, health, industrial and other facilities

KJKP Sarajevogas d.o.o.       

Distribution of natural gas


Business Support Systems

Kopkomerc d.o.o.           

Construction of power and telecommunication lines