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Why Study EEE at Burch


 The goal of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) is to:

    • Develop in students the ability to grasp the basic sciences and concepts of engineering,
    • Teach students necessary tools and engineering approach required in professional working life,
    • Give the education in electrical engineering based on ethical values within the framework of moral norms.

The profile of a student for EEE department assumes candidates who are accustomed to work very hard, possess the knowledge of basic math and physics, and perceive the electrical engineering as the area of continuing self-improvement. Besides, students with a particular interest or experience in the application of computer programs will also find the opportunity to assess their ability to do various term projects.

What makes us different than other departments of Electrical and Electronics Engineering or similar programs in BiH or abroad is primarily the advisorship program. Our academic staff is always ready to help the student seek the knowledge beyond the practical project work under the continuous guidance and assistance. Our Staff considers this duty as one of the most crucial activities in producing quality electrical engineers.