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Team of IBU students in the top 20 best in the world
Jun 05, 2017

Team of IBU students in the top 20 best in the world

"Technlogy versus Fire" team is in the final of the NASA Space Apps Challenge in the category "Best use of hardware", which means that it is among the top 20 of over 2000 solutions around the world.

A  team of nine members who make the students of electrical and mechanical engineering, including the students of International Burch University, is one of the two teams that won the NASA competition held at the end of April in Tuzla. The NASA Space Apps Challenge was held simultaneously in more than 70 countries around the world, and the best of each city entered the final of the competition, where the best will be chosen by the jury nominated by the US Space Agency (NASA).


The "Technlogy versus Fire" team consists of: Kenan Mehinović, Valentin Stjepić-Cosic, Mirza Imamović, Mustafa Spahić, Tarik Omerčehajić, Irfan Brković, Dino Bošnjić, Ajdin Nakičević and Omar Jahić.


We worked on solving the problem of forest fires. We have created an algorithm that will detect where the most fires occur in the forest. At that place, we would place our nodes, which are actually balls filled with fire dust and which have various temperature and humidity sensors – explained Mustafa Spahić.


He adds that these devices will enable firefighters to determine how the fire will spread and, if needed, could explode and prevent the spread of fire.


The goal of the Space Apps Challenge, which was held for the first time in B&H and around the world since 2012, is that creative teams or individuals share their ideas and try to solve real-world and Earth-related issues. In realizing their ideas, participants have used data of our planet, which NASA has been accumulating for years in order to try to learn more about Earth and its components, including oceanic, soil and living entities.