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BURCH students launched bSmart company
Oct 26, 2017

BURCH students launched bSmart company

Students have launched their own company that is involved in the production of smart home systems.

Friends from the faculty came up with the idea of creating their smart home system. A few months ago, they also established their own brand bSmart, and their company currently has six employees. They believe that the popularity of smart phones can be used to express their knowledge and ideas by building their own business.

"We have a very good team of engineers in Bosnia and Herzegovina who can produce such things, and the price of such things is very high outside, just like our people living in the surrounding countries, but also the EU and America, produce such things and have the knowledge and the background in our education for these things, we decided to try to keep that young work force here, but to show it to the world, and to awaken the interest of other companies to start doing such things in BiH, "said Almin Hasandić from bSmart.

Flin cool is their first product that is already on the market of Montenegro and has a significant number of customers. It serves to manage air conditioners with the help of smartphones. There is already interest in this product from the countries of the European Union that is currently the most suitable market for such products.

In our country they created a business that is rapidly evolving. Bosnia is also the place they want to stay. For success, they say, you need to have idea, will and the right team. They add that they had the most difficulty when registering a company.

"We had a problem with registering the company. During that time we lost a client who was interested in buying our devices.", Hasandić explained.

The next great goal of these young people is to create a smart home system. This system will provide users with the opportunity to manage their home appliances wherever they are. This sales system should be available next summer, and until then, bSmart is going to hire a few young engineers from Bosnia and Herzegovina.