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BURCH students on International fair ENERGA
Oct 24, 2017

BURCH students on International fair ENERGA

After five successful events in Tuzla, this year International fair Energa has moved to Sarajevo's Skenderia and it was held from 6th to 8th June. The fair ENERGA is the meeting point of distinguished domestic and foreign companies and institutions that present their diverse research and production achievements, trends and achievements of modern power industry and various forms of business cooperation to a professionally relevant public.It promotes BiH's strategic energy projects and investment potentials. In this year's fair's pavilion, place has found over 100 exhibitors of which 80 percent wereforeigners.


The students of the Burch University have also presented a project that promotes energy efficiency and ecological construction.


"All devices are controlled via a cell phone and they have the ability to adjust the time of the startup and shutdown." During the day the boiler operates for eight hours, and you use only one hour of warm water. Automatization enables switching off seven hours of unnecessary operation of the boiler ", explains Almin Hasandić master's student at Bruch University and co-founder of BSmart.


Smarthome systems are not new in the world. The novelty is that so far, not every device has been developed separately. The advantage of this model is money and time savings and ecological protection.


"We are also cooperating with other faculties. If we get a project from architecture, then we join the Architecture and the Electrical Engineering. Our goal is to focus on energy efficiency and ecological construction, and by uniting we can get results," says Dina Lasić, a master's student at Bruch University and co-founder of BSmart.


Students gained experience by working on a student pavilion that is based on the construction of a residential area by incorporating natural materials for thermal insulation with the aim of saving energy.


Video and reportage can be found here.