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BURCH Team won 3rd place at the Second IEEE Student and Young Professional Congress
Dec 06, 2017

BURCH Team won 3rd place at the Second IEEE Student and Young Professional Congress

From 1st to 4th December, at the International Burch University, the Second IEEE Student and Young Professional Congress was held. Congress aimed to bring together and connect young people and bring them closer to what the future is.

Thirteen teams from various faculties across Bosnia and Herzegovina participated in the Student and Young Professional Congress, which was held on the International Burch University in previous days. Unlike last year, this year's Congress, had a wide range of topics, workshops and a multitude of scientists, professors and experts from different fields of science.


On the YEP / IEEE Innovation Challenge 2017, the team from Technical Faculty of the University of Bihać, with its Vertical Vortex Turbine project with stationary self-adjusting blades won the first place. The second place took the project VRET from Mostar whose business idea implies using the concept of virtual realities in psychotherapy, while third place was taken by Clean Home Air from the International Burch University, which offered an innovative solution to the treatment and exchange of indoor air heat.


Team from the International Burch University mentored by Prof. dr Dejan Jokic and Prof. dr Eddie Custovic consists of Mehmed Mahmutovic, Hikmet Muratovic, Milan Kusmuk, Džavid Isanovic and Kenan Mehinovic.

It's time to act!

It's time to act! - a message from the Clean Home Air Innovation Presentation, stating that last year, according to WHO data, Sarajevo was the most polluted city in Europe

- The idea has come from the problem we face each winter, that is, the smog and the problems that arise from it, the lung diseases that are increasingly represented. Athough there is this pollution outside, our goal is that at least in our rooms we have clean air. The device we present here is the solution to that, explains Milan Kusmuk, student of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in East Sarajevo who joined this team to help them with product design.

The device practically purifies the air.

- Our device provides a clean air for your home with high energy effciency. Thanks to the heat exchanger the exhausted air from the room is heating the fresh air from the outside and by using filters to block all harmful particles, it keeps upcoming air clean and fresh, without wasting too much energy. Dual electronic system of control, with dashboard or with mobile app, gives our customer opportunity to control device and follow the state of the air temperature and pollution, explains Džavid Isanović


Clean Home Air poster


World cafe session


All teams will be offered technical mentorships by international IEEE experts and other forms of support to continue working on the innovations that have been started. Namely, most of the ideas presented to market and commercialization require additional work on finalizing the prototype and validating the advantages of competing solutions. The offered team support program will be offered with clearly set deadlines within which the desired level of progress will be required.