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Erasmus + Key Action 2 - CBHE Project
Dec 05, 2017

Erasmus + Key Action 2 - CBHE Project

Erasmus + Key Action 2 - Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education

Project Electrical Energy Markets and Engineering Education (ELEMEND) in which International Burch University is participating, has been approved by European Commission, and it started in November, 2017. The project consortium includes 15 partners from EU and Balkan countries including, Greece, Austria, Latvia, Spain, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Bosnia & Herzegovina.


Taking in consideration project relevance, ELEMEND aims to provide Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo with high profile professionals in intelligent microgrid technologies and emerging electrical energy markets in line with societal and market needs in the Western Balkans. Capacity building in engineering academic staff and students as well as in the general public (through dissemination activities) will create a favourable environment for energy related business and will modify the electricity user’s behaviour.

More specifically the objectives of the ELEMEND are:

1. To increase capacity building for study in smart grids offered both in English and in local languages at BSc and MSc level at 8 WBC HEIs.

2. To develop, accredit and implement new courses in smart grids at the BSc (4 courses) levels at the 8 WBC HEIs invloved in the project by the end of the project

3. To develop, accredit and implement new MSc programme (8 courses) in the field of smart grids and electricity market according to Bologna requirements and the new developments in smart grids by the end of the project

4. To introduce new ICT tools as a self-learning tools in participating WBC institutions 

5. To increase employability by targeting WBC labor market needs in smart grid field



The new paradigms of electricity grids and markets require that the staff and electricity end users are properly educated and trained. The electrical engineering curricula in WBC, formed to serve the conventional model of one large scale power grid, owned and operated by one company, need to adapt. ELEMEND is designed to facilitate electrical engineering curricula in WBC to catch up and be competitive both from the academic and the market point of view. Engineering students (BSc and MSc) will be educated to evaluate the performance of such systems taking into account market considerations which place the end user in a decision making position. ELEMEND graduates and students are expected to have increased employability rates and play a leading role in their field. The student projects carried out in ELEMEND labs in the third project year will focus on real‐life problems and are expected to attract the interest of all parties involved. The student placements through the internship programme with energy related companies is also expected to create awareness about the project’s goals and attract the interest of students. ICT tools, such as e-learning platforms and gamified content are expected to play a pivotal role in the public’s behavioral awareness. It is planned that a University - enterprise network be created within the project. This network will continue after the ending of the project and it will serve for the communication between the HEIs and industry sector. The ELEMEND laboratories will be used in collaboration with EU partners and are expected to attract research funding. The ELEMEND partner companies, all key players in their field, will also ensure the continuation of the impact as they are interested first hand in the project outcomes. Some of the outputs, such as the e‐learning courses, the gamified applications, the virtual labs, the new courses and Master’s programme are expected to attract more target groups (students).