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Power electronics equipment at International Burch University
Apr 02, 2019

Power electronics equipment at International Burch University

In the scope of the ELEMEND project, Power electronics equipment from Taraz technologies has been bought at the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, IBU.

The SPM Series of Power Modules from Taraz technologies comes in four common circuits such as Half Bridge, Full Bridge, 3 Phase and MMC Cells. They are directly pluggable with gate driver modules and can be used for fast prototyping of popular power converter circuits such as Single & Multi-Phase Inverters, Buck/Boost Converters, Single & Multi-Phase Active Rectifiers and Modular Multi-Level Converters etc. It can cover a wide range of applications such as Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), BLDC Motor Drives, PV inverters and converters in research and educational environments.

The user can connect Input and output terminals using pluggable terminal blocks or banana connectors, providing ease of use in labs. Test points are also available for pain-free testing.