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Pre-calculus Weeks


More than 20 students take an introductory calculus course (MTH 101 Calculus 1) each year because it is required for their major in electrical and electronics engineering. Calculus is a challenging course — at Burch and most universities. Even if you took calculus in high school, you are likely to find introductory calculus a challenging course. To help place students in the most appropriate mathematics/reasoning course, the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering organizes Pre-calculus Weeks in THE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF THE NEW ACADEMIC YEAR (03 – 14.10.2016). 


Pre-calculus Weeks are designed to prepare students, who find themselves deficient in high school math, to enroll for a first semester course “MTH 101 Calculus 1”. Through the Pre-calculus Weeks, students will acquire a solid foundation in algebra and trigonometry. In addition, the course concentrates on the various functions that are important to the study of the calculus. Emphasis is placed on understanding the properties of linear, polynomial, piecewise, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions. 


The duration of the Pre-calculus Weeks is two weeks. The first week (03.10.2016 – 07.10.2016) will cover two topics: Algebra and Analytic Geometry. The second week (10.10.2016 – 14.10.2016) will cover additional two topics: Functions and Trigonometry.


On Fridays (07.10.2016 and 14.10.2016) you should plan to take the math placement tests from two topics that you covered during the week. If you wish to enroll in MTH 101 Calculus 1, you will need to take all four math placement tests. The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering requires these placement tests in order to ensure that you are properly prepared for MTH 101. You must complete these tests in a supervised setting in order to enroll in MTH 101. Things to consider regarding the placement tests are the following: 


  1. Duration of the placement test is one hour.
  2. No notes or textbooks are allowed.
  3. The usage of a calculator is forbidden.
  4. Bring a pencil and a rubber if required.


Students who believe that their placement test scores over the Pre-calculus Weeks do not accurately reflect their skills may retake the exams on Friday 14.10.2016. All students registering the MTH 101 Calculus 1 must have passing grades from all four placement tests to continue listening to MTH 101. 


Students who need to register MTH 101 Calculus 1 even after the September Make-up examinations are also advised to attend the Pre-calculus Weeks. Years of experience have demonstrated that students who re-register MTH 101 perform poorly in it despite listening to the same course again. That is why the department recommends attending the Pre-calculus Weeks for these students. 


 For more information about the Pre-calculus Weeks, please send and e-mail to [email protected].