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1. I want to transfer to the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of IBU from other universities. I have already completed a number of courses at my current University. Is this transfer possible?


The transfer is possible if it is done before the start date of the Midterm Exams within the current semester. Initially, you should visit the Faculty Secretary and submit the Transcript of completed courses at the current University with the corresponding Curriculum. You must also fill out and submit the Petition Form and External Transfer Request Form that can be found here. Our Faculty Secretary will lead you through all further steps in this process.


2. Which departments do Electrical and Electronics Engineering include?


Electrical and Electronics Engineering does not have departments. Our curriculum consists of mandatory and elective courses, so there is a way for students to choose in which direction to go. 


3. How much practical work will I do?


Practical work is an integral part of the course and includes laboratory, fieldwork, and industrial visits. We use labs to develop analytical, problem-solving and team-working skills. 


4. What labs do students work in?


Students work in well-equiped laboratories, including Electronics Lab, Embedded Systems Lab, Logic Design Lab, Computer Lab, and Innovation Center, where students can work in their free time. For a more detailed description of Laboratories, please visit the 'Laboratories' tab on the home page.


5. What are the job opportunities?


The majority of our students who want jobs get them within six months of the end of their course. Many get head-hunted well before the end of their final year. Our engineering degrees offer excellent and varied careers. Their analytical, team-working and problem-solving nature mean they are in demand from non-engineering sectors as well as in technical-scientific and engineering roles.


6. For further information who should I contact?


For more queries, you can send an e-mail at [email protected]