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ESD (Embedded System Design) LAB

The Embedded Systems Design Laboratory is part of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the International Burch University. Embedded Systems (ES) are computer-based systems where some kind of software interacts with an external environment, usually by means of sensors and actuators, to carry out possibly complex and/or critical functions. Examples of ES are control systems for trains, cars, air- and space craft, industrial plants and production machines, exploration rovers, and environmental and structural monitoring. Our research focuses on the architecture and design of embedded systems and their underlying hardware and software technologies.

The ESD Lab supports a variety of courses in embedded systems, process automation and control, computer-aided circuit design (VHDL and FPGA-s) etc. The laboratory includes the following equipment: 
- FESTO MPS® PA Compact Workstation with level, flow rate, pressure and temperature controlled systems for process automation with both continuous (e.g. P, I, PI, PID) and discontinuous controllers (e.g. two-point controllers) in testing and training.
- Computer supported workstations for embedded systems design and programming based on the Texas Instrument Tiva TM4C123G development platform with ARM Cortex M4F microcontroller.
- Altera DE0-Nano, DE1 and DE2-115 development boards based on the Cyclone IV FPGA’s 
- Siemens S7-1200 PLC’s with HMI interfaces, networks switches and LOGO modules for exercises and research related to distributed communication, process control and automation.